The Pi Matrix Challenge is also called the 'Everest of Memory Tests'. It requires the memorizer not only to know the actual order of the first 10,000 digits of pi, but also to know the digits in the correct order from anywhere in the sequence. It is a bit like learning a book, and then being given a sequence of just a couple of words from it, and asked to remember the words that appear on either side.

The first 10,000 digits of pi are divided into 2000 5-digit blocks. The testers call out one of these 5-digit sequences, and the candidate must say the 5-digt sequence before - and the 5-digit sequence after the choosen sequence. This happens 50 times. The record is for the time taken to recall the event, with no errors.

Feel free to get the first 10 000 digits of pi in this division, with collision-marks, a list with one thousand digits per page and a list of all the collisions.


The rules have been worked out by Grandmaster Kevin Horsley. He has made an introduction video as well.

Hall of fame

1. Kevin Horsley (South Africa) 14 March 2013. Time 16min 38sec.

2. Mats Bergsten (Sweden) 12 Feb 2008. Time 17min 39sec.

3. Mark Nissen (Denmark) 23 March 2018. Time 20min 17sec.

4. Jan Harms (Germany) 27 July 2007. Time 20min 30sec.

5. Philip Bond (U.K) 28 June 2004. Time 29min 51sec.

Pi Matrix Trainer

We have created a tool which helps you check your knowledge of the Pi Matrix. Try our Pi Matrix Trainer.

Pi Matrix Prediction

The Pi Matrix Prediction discipline is about saying the last digit of a block after the first 4 digits of the block are given. For example we can consider the block 22184. After the first 4 digits of the block are given, in this case 2218, we then give the last digit, in this case it's 4. If we have several solutions, we will need to state them. For example let's consider the 3 blocks 99581, 99587 and 99585. When we are given 9958 the correct answer will then be 1,7 and 5. More information is available in the Pi Matrix Prediction document. Feel free to try our Pi Matrix Prediction Trainer as well.