Pi Space Matrix Performance

March 8, 2020, the two-time World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen from Sweden performed the Pi Space Matrix Challenge. The performance took place in Stockholm.

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Pi Matrix Performance

March 23, 2018, Mark Aar√łe Nissen did the Pi Matrix Challenge also known as the 'Everest of Memory Tests' in Emden, Germany. The entire performance was recorded and is now available.

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Pi Memory Competition 2018

October 20 an international Pi Memory Competition will take place in Fredericia, Denmark. Registration is free of charge.


Memorizing Pi

The benefits of memory training

Just like physical exercise is good for your body, mental training is good for your brain. Memory training is one of the most effective forms of mental exercise. Different texts are not equally hard to remember. That is why the number π is used as a standard tool for training the long term memory.